Leather and Linen Sewers Kit Leather and Linen Sewers Kit Leather and Linen Sewers Kit Leather and Linen Sewers Kit Leather and Linen Sewers Kit Leather and Linen Sewers Kit
Leather and Linen Sewers Kit
$ 57.00 $ 95.00

At Blluemade, there are a few tools that have become indispensible to our work. Thread clippers are a vital tool for quality control, for catching loose threads and pushing at seams to test their strength. Measuring tape, too, is an integral item for every sewer, for designing new pieces, figuring out sizing, and all manner of other measurements. When you use tools so often, it is a joy to have beautiful versions of them and their casing, particularly for safety in the case of little scissors! We reached out to our good friends Faith Co. and Bartleby Objects to help us put together the best sewers accessories bundle.

Kurt of Faith Co. creates beautiful workwear pieces in Taipei, Taiwan, where he is based. We met him in our travels after many years of admiring his work. We fell in love with his leather-wrapped measuring tape, which comes in vegetable-tanned natural leather, burgundy, and forest green. The veg-tan leather will darken with age; the other colors will also patina and grow softer with use. 

Mary of Bartleby Objects is a friend in New York who has made an exclusive piece for us--a leather cover for Eagle-brand thread clippers. Thread clippers are the sort of tool we carry at all times, sometimes at our peril. After a few minor accidents, we reached out to Mary to design this beautiful protective case that makes using these scissors even more fun. 

The Eagle thread clippers are sourced in New York City's historic garment district, and are strung on a waxed linen cord that loops through a hole at the top of the Bartleby Objects case, so you can wear your thread clippers around your neck as we do when we're working. 

All of these items will age beautifully, and make sewers tasks more pleasurable. Please select the color of the measuring tape case when you make your purchase. All sewers kits come in a Blluemade linen carrying bag.