Blluemade is a New York-based brand founded by Alex Robins and Lilly Lampe. The highest quality natural fabrics and skilled local production are key to every Blluemade design. This primarily-unisex line is produced at family-run factories in New York City's historic Garment District. Blluemade's fabrics are produced by heritage factories in Belgium, Italy, and Japan.

Blluemade's designs are inspired by vintage garments from farming and workwear traditions, and the timeless beauty of historic textiles. The way these items age beautifully and maintain distinctive, yet subtle appeal across decades or even centuries is crucial to the Blluemade approach to design. These inspirations are translated by a modern sensibility and desire for beautiful, everyday clothing. These are clothes meant to be worn anywhere in the world, and will take on additional character with time and wear.

The Blluemade name references many influences. “Blue” comes from the designers's love of indigo, vintage denim, and other blue-dyed textiles from around the world. “Made” speaks to a commitment to ethical production. The extra “L” is for linen, the search for which is central to Blluemade's origins.